EP 107: Striking Irish Gold with Rosemount Girls Hoops’ Chris Orr!

Before a girls basketball mid-season check-in, including an interview with the Rosemount Irish Head coach, Matt, Logan, and Bill talk about some of the headlines of the week in prep sports, including a tragic passing of a high school athlete this week, a big result in a top-5 battle in boys hockey, and more.

Starting at (13:50), they discuss Minnetonka Girls Hoops’ 15-0 start to the year, and talk about the Lake Conference’s dominance in the girls basketball scene this year. They speculate on potential trip-ups for the Skippers in a loaded back-end of the schedule, and who is best poised to up-end Tonka’s unbeaten run. Logan also gives his assessment of last week’s Lakeville rivalry game in girls basketball and Matt & Bill discuss a pair of Division 1 standouts for Centennial, and despite it how the Cougars’ struggles are affecting the Section 7AAAA landscape this postseason.

Interview with Chris Orr, the head coach of Rosemount Girls Basketball, starts at (36:12)

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